Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What Does Bronson Want?

He got his way. Bronson Pinchot went to court to get his triangle back and he prevailed. According to Judge Kameen, the gazebo is indeed a structure, and as such, violates the terms of the indenture of 1941 that made over the triangle in the middle of Harford village to the local Historical Society.

Had the defense insisted on a jury, the historical society might have been able to appeal to common sense and historical tradition (not to say, emotion) to repudiate Mr. Pinchot's dependence on litigation to enforce his will on a small town. But the judge stood firm on the law and the documents.

Has Mr. Pinchot really won anything, besides the 6,300 square feet of grass and assorted utility poles that mars the view of his grand house? At last count, he had exactly one friend in the village of some 300. He calls himself a "Harfordite," which makes him unique, because nobody else has ever used that term.